My Dad's side, the Solomons, come from Truro, Cornwall England. My Mom's side, the Goulds, come from the coal mines of Merthyr Tydfil in Wales. The Solomons married some Danes, the Goulds married some English, Germans, Bavarians, and I married another Dane with Scots background. So, these names and ancestry go back almost exclusively to Europe. Some of them heard the missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the mid 1800's and moved to 'Zion' in Utah.

My genealogical efforts have gone in several different directions, as I am by nature extremely detail oriented, and a computer geek. (A potentially bad combination) You will see just below, three icons representing three of those directions.

INDEX - is an index of any names that I have any knowledge to which I might be related. Scroll down to find the name you are looking for. If the name is 'hyperlinked', that is it is shown in blue and underlined, click on it, and a kind of Family Group Sheet will be retrieved. On that page there may be more links. To offer some degree of privacy, there are no dates shown for those who are still living

FAMILY HISTORY - I am in possession of a copy of a very large typical family history book compiled in Mesa Arizona in 1968. This is not my work, but the work of many people, three of which appear on the Preface page of the book: Rilla Solomon Allen, Elizabeth Solomon Shumway, and Carol Larsen Allen. It is my intention to scan each page of this large book, and reproduce it here, so that it may be available to all. I have not received permission to do so, as I don't know how to reach descendant family organizations of the persons previously named. So I will take it upon myself to do this, and hope I don't get in any trouble for it.

JOURNALS - contained in the aforementioned large book, and elsewhere, are a number of journal-like, historical narratives, which I have re-typed, indexed by name, and placed here, once again, so that all who may have an interest will be able to find the information.

I hope you enjoy your visit here. As this is only the beginnings of my family research, the offerings are few, but will grow. Check back often. The date at the bottom of the list will indicate the last time any changes were made to this information, so you'll be able to tell if there have been any additions since you last visited. You can of course, send me related (pun) information, that I would be happy to add. A link to my eMail address is also at the end of this listing.

Thank You, and rejoice in your progenitors and posterity, as I do in mine.
Dwight K Solomon (Sr)

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